Friday, September 24, 2010

I am from...

I am from blue jeans, from Frosted Flakes and Christianity.

I am from the crazy, loving, tidy.

I am from the corn, the soy beans.

I am from Tatar Tot Casserole and blue eyes, from Millie and Diana and Marie.

I am from the up & down and emotional.

From "be careful" and "finish your dinner."

I am from the sign of the cross and praying to statues.

I'm from Effingham County, lasagna and buttered bread.

From uncle Leo growing his hair long in the 60s, uncle David throwing my mom's doll in a fire, and Grandma teaching crafts on cruise ships.

I am from Oakwood Street, Homecoming flowers, home made cradles and Sodie Pop.

*This is part of red writing hood's prompt this week. I am not this profound all on my own. Maybe I will be if I keep participating in this club.

Here is the link that provides the template and an explanation.