Friday, March 18, 2011

The test.

This week's Red Writing Hood assignment is to write - fiction or non-fiction - about a time when you took a detour. Where had you intended to go and where did you end up?

As soon as I read this prompt, I knew exactly what I would write about. It's my true story.

We had been dating about 4 months and were completely in love.

Alex & I discussed moving in together once I finished teaching that school year. We hadn't figured out where just yet since I lived in Chicago and Alex lived in Danville.

I told my roommates about my plans to live with Alex.

Then Alex took a Harley trip all the way to Daytona.

I was so worried about him. Riding a motorcycle across the country didn't sound very safe to me.

The 3rd day Alex was in Florida I told him that my period was a few days late and showed no signs of making its appearance.

When he eventually made it back safe & sound a few days later my period still hadn't come.

I was scared.

No, terrified.

I couldn't believe I was actually buying a pregnancy test.

I took it with me when I went to see Alex that weekend.

Alex tried his best to reassure me that we weren't pregnant, and that we would be okay if we were pregnant.

So first thing in the morning I meticulously followed the instructions of the pregnancy test and laid down with Alex for the longest 5 minutes of my life.

Tick, tick, tick.

We didn't say much. Just stared at the walls.

Tick, tick, tick.

What would I say anyway?

Tick, tick, tick.

Finally it came time to see the results.

I had left the pregnancy test in the bathroom and didn't want to go look.

Alex inevitably got up and walked into the bathroom.

He said nothing. Not one sound or word. Absolutely nothing.

I knew what that silence meant, but I had to see for myself.

So I took deep breath and walked into the bathroom. I saw Alex standing there, still and silent just staring at the test on the counter.

I took a few more steps and stood next to him.

I looked down.

And saw two pink lines.

I was pregnant.

In that moment my mind went blank.

This was not the plan.

This was not the plan!


If the current 35 year old Jill would have told that scared to death 24 year old Jill how things end up, I don't think she would have believed herself.

That detour 11 years ago? Yeah, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because now Alex & I are married with 3 kids and loving life.


  1. Sometimes, the detour can turn out the be the best thing that's ever happened to us, right?
    This was great!

  2. yay! i love a happy ending. And a cute detour!

  3. I'm with Jenna - love those happy endings. Thanks for this one.

  4. Your story starts off a lot like mine, only we ended up with the baby 3 years in. I love the way you alternated between tick tick tick and thought lines. I think that made the piece. Very beautifully written, Jill!!

    (PS> I love the new site!)

  5. Hooray for happy endings!!

    This was beautifully written! I felt for the character (you!) and truly needed to know how it worked out! Well done!

  6. It sounds as if your "detour" or rather change of plans turned out to be a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing.